A Weekend Filled with Surfing, Camping, and Good Times

The world is a complicated and often scary place. In a complex world, sometimes we all need to strive to live simply. Be kind to others, love one another, and respect our planet and environment. We have the power to make the world a better place. As Jane Goodall said it best, "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."

When we founded Aloha for People we were searching for a solution to some complex problems. Creating new ways to provide water and jobs can mean many different things to different people, but to us it means purchasing hand-woven fabric made mostly by women in rural areas. It means creating apparel jobs in our own city of Los Angeles and continuing a tradition of making things at home here in the United States. It means partnering with incredible companies and nonprofit organizations who provide clean water to people in need throughout the world. We have been incredibly lucky to work with organizations like Ecofiltro and Wine To Water over the past year and could not be more proud to help provide clean water access to people who need it most.

This is the difference Aloha for People strives to make. We work every day to improve the world around us and to live a simple, yet fulfilling life. Living simply can mean many things. To us it means maintaining a tight-knit family tribe, enjoying time with genuine and loyal friends, focusing on our blessings instead of the things we desire, and always making time to relax at the beach.

We recently met up with some of our best friends and incredible Aloha Ambassadors, Thomas Driver and Katie Brown, for a quick camping trip at South Carlsbad State Beach. This getaway weekend allowed us all to clear our heads, enjoy Mother Nature, and catch up with authentic conversation and cheer.


When we camp we focus on simplicity and preventing waste. All we need are some Tommy Bahama chairs, a campfire, chicken and cheese tacos, s'mores, and our surfboards. The rest can all be forgotten or left behind. We find that having less while camping actually makes the trip more enjoyable and lets us focus on the truly important things. We hunt for decent swell, listen to great music, and build our relationships with each other in ways that couldn't be achieved without these kind of experiences.


After setting up camp, Thomas and Brian were hungry for waves so they headed straight to the water hoping for more than the Surfline forecasted 2-3 Poor to Fair. The surf held up with some off-shore winds picking up right before sunset and the boys had a nice little session before coming in for chicken tacos with the girls. 

We cooked, we laughed, we danced, we told stories around the fire as the sun set and the night sky set in. With mouths full of half-melted marshmallows and graham crackers we sang Tom Petty and talked about the future. We discussed new Aloha for People products we should design and develop in the future. There was not a dull moment.

These are the kind of nights we live for. Simple yet memorable. Good friends, beers around the fire. It seems we need more of this in the world today and Aloha for People will continue to strive to live simply so that we can help those who need it most. Until the next adventure.

Brian Poage