Drica Lobo


Name: Drica Lobo

Hometown: My hometown is Sao Paulo, Brazil. I "adopted" Hermosa Beach as my hometown about 11 years ago.

Currently Residing: Hermosa Beach, California

Inspiration to create your art: The ocean is absolutely what drives me the most to create art, but all nature inspires me, as well as places, faces, and experiences. Inspiration is everywhere and I always make sure to look around me with the felling of being fed with this emotion that I like to call creativity.

Motivation to continue making these incredible pieces: Art is not what I do, it's who I am! I'm so grateful to be able to bring joy and happiness into the world, paint memories and feelings translated into my own brush strokes.

What you're doing when you are not in the studio: Riding my bike, running on the sand, going to different art shows, or plannning my next trip.

Why you chose to collaborate with Aloha for People: Everything about their mission makes my heart full of happiness, pride, hope, and beauty. I couldn't be more excited to bring my art to help you reach your goals. Thank you for this opportunity.

Favorite place you have traveled: Brazil is always my favorite place to travel, especially Ubatuba. It is located on the southeast coast in the state of Sao Paulo. It's an incredible city.


You can see more of Drica's art at her website and on social media @dricaloboart!