Eunique Deeann


Name: Eunique Deeann

Hometown: Born + grew up in West Texas, claim Miami as home.

Currently Residing: Living + loving Leucadia/Encinitas. 

Favorite outdoor activity/hobby:  I like being in the water and on the trail. It's a toss up between surfing/swimming + free diving and trail running + hiking. Depends on the day, my mood + my needs. 

Favorite place you have traveled: Oxaca, Mexico for the culture, Costa Rica for the outdoors.

Next trip planned: Going to Baja next week.

Why you support Aloha for People: I support ethically + environmentally conscious brands + people who pour their heart into finding ways to make the world a better place through any impact that they have the opportunity to make. Plus the shirts are amazing, comfortable and diverse, which is just a bonus. 

Favorite Aloha for People pattern/shirt: The Night Sky is my comfort zone, as black is always a winner for me. But the Ocean makes me happy. 

Craziest thing you've ever done: I'm pretty calculated so there's not a whole lot of "crazy" adventures that I can honestly share. But once I make up my mind on something, I often dive into it pretty quick without taking too much time to let the negatives weigh in. I decided a couple years ago that I wanted to do a solo cross country road trip + start my own company and 7 months later + a few bucks saved, I was packing my Jeep and semi-aimlessly driving across the country to see what I could find. It's still something that I'm happy I did. 

Who/what inspires you: I'm inspired by people who are without hesitation following their truths. It's hard to be honest, especially with yourself. But I think when you're able to find this, you'll fall into your purpose in life. And I know that when people truthfully find their life's purpose, it's always rooted to making the world they're able to impact a better place. It doesn't always have to be as black and white as feeding the hungry or providing clean water to areas in need. These are SO important and missions I will always support. But I think sometimes the simplicities are overlooked and the average is dismissed. I think it's so important for those living "privileged" lives to find their passion because when they do, they'll find ways to improve the lives of the people they meet every day. And this, to me is how real change happens and how we can work to make the world better. I'm inspired by the little things, the smiles from strangers, the stopping to hold the door open for the person behind you, hugs and general encouragements and support when someone puts themselves out there. Because that can be scary. But also empowering. I'm a firm believer in if you want to change the world, it starts with changing yourself. And I see all the time, people making efforts for this, and to me, it's one of the most beautiful and inspiring things we can do as humans.