Name: Gabaccia

Hometown: Everywhere! But truly. I was born in San Antonio Texas (which is why I'm American) but I grew up in Veracruz (so I'm definitely Mexican). My heart is definitely from NYC, and my soul from Joshua Tree. I think that paints the picture.

Currently Residing: On the road! This year, my boyfriend Roberto and I converted to our own version of #vanlife, which is a work-in-progress Tacoma. 

Favorite outdoor activity/hobby: Backpacking is life. 

Favorite place you have traveled: Joshua Tree, I can't stop going back all the time.

Next trip planned: Mexico!

Why you support Aloha for People: I have worked in fashion sales since I was 15. Once I started questioning the industry and finding out the terrifying conditions under which people work to make "us" privileged consumers look and feel good, plus the irrevocable damage we do to the earth with the production of textiles, I couldn't go back. I support Aloha for People because they resist the industry through ethical and philanthropic practices. Their business model is what I would love to see as a standard in the industry in the years to come.

Favorite Aloha for People pattern/shirt: Can I say all of them? I'm really digging the surf board bags, and I don't even surf!

Craziest thing you've ever done: Falling in love. It's just the wildest when it truly happens. 

Who/what inspires you: This is actually a difficult question for me. I’m truly inspired in many different ways by my closest circle of friends; and so much that I couldn’t just put one of them in the spotlight to answer this. But I can tell you why,  the people that I keep the closest to me have beliefs that match their ways of being in the world. They all have a lesson for me that I get to be reminded of regularly. They help me and others around them grow, they are all teachers.