The Hawai'ian Islands are made up of eight unique islands all part of an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. While these islands have been well known as tourist destinations for decades, recent overpopulation and increased tourism have put the islands in jeopardy. Constant sewage and storm water runoff flood the oceans and beaches on the islands causing potential safety hazards to anyone near the areas. Aloha for People works to help recognize areas that are impacted by this runoff to ensure that the oceans can be maintained, protected, and enjoyed.


We help in the following ways:

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Using fabric designed on the islands provides jobs in Hawai'i

The Hawai'ian islands are rich with culture and history. Their textiles have always been able to tell the story of their people and we hope to continue that tradition through our aloha shirts. All of our shirts are made with fabric designed on the islands by Hawai'ians to continue the tradition of the true aloha shirt.


All of our products are made in California, USA

Aloha for People prides itself on creating jobs in the United States. All of our shirts are made in Los Angeles, California where our partner company ensures there are appropriate working conditions and fair wages are paid to all employees.


Every shirt provides access to clean ocean water on the islands of Hawai'i

We have partnered with the Surfrider Foundation's O'ahu Chapter to ensure that the ocean water in Hawai'i is safe and clean for everyone to enjoy. The Blue Water Task Force is a group that goes to different beaches throughout O'ahu and tests the ocean water to understand levels of bacteria and other reasons why the water may be unsafe for humans. This information helps to notify the public when the water is safe or unsafe to prevent illness and disease, as well as allow Surfrider to work with local municipalities and groups to find solutions to storm water runoff and other pollution in the ocean.