Shannon Sherman


Name: Shannon Sherman

Hometown: Redondo Beach, California

Currently Residing: Redondo Beach, California

Favorite outdoor activity/hobby: In the water I love surfing, outrigger paddling, and fishing. On land I love hiking, camping, and rock climbing.

Favorite place you have traveled: Kobe, Japan

Next trip planned: Japan to hike Mt Fuji.

Why you support Aloha for People: I support Aloha for People because their purpose is to help those in need of water, which is a necessity for life. 

Favorite Aloha for People pattern/shirt: Guatemala Ocean Shirt

Craziest thing you've ever done: Craziest thing I’ve ever done was paddle an outrigger canoe from Newport to Avalon with my team.

Who/what inspires you: I am inspired by those who live off the land and strive to live the simple life full of love, with excitement, and live everyday to its fullest.