Threaded with purpose.

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Aloha for Everyone

Aloha for People creates new ways to provide clean water and jobs to people around the world. We do this by making aloha shirts in Los Angeles, USA using fabric hand-woven internationally. These shirts tell a story and spread cultural awareness for the different countries they represent. With every shirt sold, we provide clean water to a child in need for 2 years. Our shirts are threaded with purpose.

The Aloha Story

Access to water and jobs are two of the most fundamental rights humans should have in life. Aloha for People was founded during the summer of 2016 when the company founders, Brian and Emily, were inspired after learning about the lack of clean water and jobs available in Guatemala. They decided to help by purchasing fabric hand-woven by Guatemalans and making stylish, comfortable aloha shirts. With every shirt sold, a child in Guatemala gains access to clean water for 2 years thanks to our partnership with the social company Ecofiltro. See the video below from Actuality Media illustrating the positive impact that Ecofiltro has had in Guatemala: 


Provide clean water and jobs.

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Aloha Shirt Connoisseurs

Aloha for People was founded in the South Bay of Los Angeles by two California natives, Brian Poage and Emily Sansom. With Brian's passion for aloha shirts and Emily's fashion background, they teamed up to create a company that not only makes rad shirts, but a company that helps people. Helping is the core of our business and we hope you enjoy the shirts. Mahalo.

Spreading the Aloha

Aloha for People and our mission has been highlighted in the following publications: